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Chrysocolla and copper


Chrysocolla wrapped in copper

Chrysocolla has the ability to bring harmony, increase wisdom and guide you toward discretion. It promotes level headedness, encouraging clarity of thought and a neutral, calm attitude during turbulence by purifying the home, environment and the mind. Use it to decrease nervousness and irritability.

A little history and more ways it can help:
For thousands of years, chrysocolla has been known throughout the world as a stone of calming reconciliation and reassurance. In ancient Egypt, it was called the "wise stone" because it’s believed to shield and encouraged the mind during negotiations. This stone also has the ability to help people who are violent to become more sensitive and tolerant and those who wore it generally came up with clever compromises and resolutions. For these reasons, as an ambassador, Cleopatra wore chrysocolla jewelry everywhere she went.

Chrysocolla, with associations of tranquility, peace, intuition, patience and unconditional love, is known as a healing stone among Native American cultures where it has been used to strengthen the body's resistance to illness and emotional duress. It has also been used traditionally to bring about calm feelings where there is upset and can be used to purify a place or restore balance to a person.