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Jasper Skull


Newest pendant for halloween!
This skull pendant includes yellow jasper and Amethyst!

•Yellow jasper was historically utilized by Shamans, priests, and spirit guides to protect people in their physical, and spiritual travels. Its slow, stabilizing energy is what makes it known to provide inner strength and mental clarity. It holds a deep connection to the Earth and is a useful aid for grounding and insight in spiritual work, or deep meditations. Yellow Jasper stimulates the Solar Plexus Chakra and amplifies self-confidence and courage, bringing energy and enthusiasm to one’s life and relationships.
•Amethyst is an incredibly calming stone. It encourages peace of mind and enhances intuition. It is used to build connections between the physical and spiritual realms. Amethyst is the perfect stone for guiding you in the development of a strong intuition. It is also a great stone to open your third eye, increase intuition, and dissipates negative energy.